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When we age our body’s ability to effectively regulate blood sugar levels naturally decreases which can lead to elevated glucose levels. This can cause a slew of related health problems including diabetes and weight gain. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals’ Glucozene-RX mimics the blood glucose regulating effects of pancreatic hormones to help your body use glucose more effectively. The benefits of maintaining healthy blood sugar levels go beyond diabetes prevention however as when your muscles take in glucose they are also taking in other nutrients like amino acids creatine and other anti-catabolic agents. In fact regulating glucose transportation can promote an anti-catabolic state signaling for increased protein synthesis. Adjusting your blood glucose levels can especially have productive effects on muscle growth immediately following training as that is when your muscles are the most deprived of nutrients – spiking glucose levels at this time can make your muscles more receptive to other nutrients. Additionally keeping blood glucose levels regulated can aid those seeking to lose weight as shuttling glucose to muscles prevents it from being converted into fat stores and thus helping your body use it more effectively. With Glucozene-Rx glucose will be shuttled directly to your muscles not only reducing your fat stores but promoting lean muscle growth and increased protein synthesis as your muscles take in more nutrients. Order your bottle of Glucozene-Rx today and stop worrying about your blood sugar! Aviso: As declarações sobre suplementos alimentares não foram avaliadas pelo FDA ou ANVISA. Estes produtos não destinam-se a diagnosticar tratar curar ou prevenir qualquer doença. Consulte com seu médico antes de consumir este produto.

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