Keto Coffee
Fight fat and get energized with Fit & Lean Keto Shake a delicious meal replacement formula that tastes amazing and will help fuel your ketogenic weight loss goals. Formulated with healthy fats from coconut oil grass-fed butter avocado oil MCTs and other natural ingredients Fit & Lean Keto shake helps promote a ketogenic state while satisfying your cravings. Plus it contains hydrolyzed collagen and egg white protein to support healthy muscles hair skin & nails.* ENERGY – FAT BURNING – HUNGER CONTROL Rich and creamy flavors Promotes ketosis to help you burn fat* Collagen peptides Helps boost energy levels* Helps control appetite* Fit & Lean Keto Coffee is a specially formulated premium coffee blend designed to support ketosis. Ketosis is a natural metabolic state where your body burns fat for fuel rather than carbohydrates. When you decrease the available glucose in your body stored fats are broken down and create “ketone bodies” that are released into the bloodstream and used as fuel. Hence the name “ketosis.” A ketogenic diet is simply a way of eating more fats and fewer carbohydrates to promote the ketosis process. The result is increased fat burning for weight loss higher levels of energy and controlled hunger.* Fit & Lean Keto Coffee is a delicious instant medium roast coffee blend made to help your start your morning strong and stay energized throughout the day. Fit & Lean Keto Coffee helps fuel your ketogenic weight loss goals by including natural sources of fats from coconut oil MCTs and grass-fed butter to help keep your body in a ketogenic state throughout the day. Plus it contains 150mg of caffeine from green coffee bean to fuel your brain help you burn fat and get energized.* If you’re looking for a boost of energy without all the high carbs and sugar Fit & Lean Keto Coffee has you covered.* Fit and Lean Ketogenic Beauty Brew Add 2 tablespoons Fit&Lean Keto Coffee 1 scoop Fit&Lean Collagen +Probiotics and 1 tablespoon MCT oil to 10 oz of hot or cold water. This Rich Ketogenic Beauty Brew will help you burn fat and nourish your skin nails hair joints and muscles with collagen peptides. It will also help improve your gut health and boost your immune system with 5 billion CFU probiotics.* Macros: 11g Protein 23g Fats Fit and Lean Ketogenic Performance Vanilla Coffee Shake Blend 2 scoops Fit&Lean Vanilla Plant Protein 1 tablespoon Fit&Lean Keto Coffee 1 tablespoon Fit&Lean MCT Coconut oil with 8-12 fl. oz. water and a handful of ice. This delicious Ketogenic Performance Vanilla Coffee Shake is the ideal shake to help promote fat loss and help you reach your fitness goal with 21 grams protein 25 grams fat and only 6 grams of net carbs. Plus 28 organic fruits and vegetables 22 vitamins and minerals and 6 g fiber.*

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