Vegan PB Spread
Because of the better than better results of our 2 dairy free vegan products Vegan Natural and Vegan Chocolate Chip the obvious next step would be to somehow add butterscotch correct? I mean isn’t butterscotch the next step in any food manufacturing process? So we had to set our sites on finding a Certified Vegan butterscotch . My first step in any investigation of ingredients is to call our good friends at Virginia and Spanish Peanut Company in Providence Rhode Island. They have been a part of our process since the very beginning when this was just a hobby. Within 24 hours the Vegan butterscotch was located. The difference between regular butterscotch and vegan butterscotch is the filtration system. Vegan butterscotch employs the use of “bone-char-free” filters. Every ingredient and every detail of every step of the process was observed by the vegan certification company. Finally we learned that our 2 dairy free Vegan products were certifiable and the Certified Vegan Logo can be displayed. We chose to place proudly on our front labels. This product really is incredible. We have had several non vegan and non vegetarian consumers email us and told us that they had tasted this product and absolutely loved it. That has to be the highest form of a complement to a vegan product. So if your really want to solve the sweet craving and keep to your 11 grams of protein and only 1 added gram of sugar per 2 TBSP this will become your high protein go-to. All 3 of our dairy free Vegan products proudly display the Certified Vegan label. Certification by Vegan Awareness Foundation DBA Vegan Action.

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